Bore Upon The Breath Of Dawn

by Rain Drinkers



originally released as 100 cdrs via Reverb Worship

"The label “Reverb Worship” provides us with a recorded meeting between two thirsty gentlemen, Joe Taylor and Zavier Krall, who, upon closer examination, turns to be the alias of Troy Schafer from Numerous acts such as Wreathes, Compass hour and Kinit Her. There is not too much information inside the album otherwise, which is fitting for this obscure project. With the beautiful opening of “Pendulum Bloom”, as vague alarms of emergency emerge through soft music, “Bore Upon the Breath of Dawn” reveal itself as a delicate, perhaps melancholic and intimate work. Taylor and Krall slowly progress and add droplets of dimmed sounds in order to create a sense of nostalgia. On the forth track, carrying the album’s title, it seems like the different elements that were beautifully scattered throughout the previous tracks finally merge together, like drops of mercury, and for a brief moment create a more traditional musical movement before scattering again. Standing out is the great track “Yehudi Res”, which introduce a Tangerine Dream – like music and adds it to the weeping violins we already know from this project. This track develops more cinematic characteristics, becoming dramatic and even painful. Closing the album in a distorted, yet soft, haunting howling is another great track, hollow moon. Abstract, sensual and sensitive, The Rain Drinkers not only experiment with what sounds like field recordings, along with sounds of other origins. They also create for us, or merely introduce us to a well formed and rich musical world which you can already be familiar with if you happen to know their other projects. Making this project stand out, however, on my perspective at least, is the seemingly deliberate emphasis on the brittle side of their music, a move which results in a vulnerable, intimate and charismatic ritual.
- Oren Ben Yosef of Culture Is Not Your Friend!

"5/5. Now I especially like this sort of music if some extra consideration is applied concerning where it’s recorded, only if to attain the maximum levels of atmosphere. This Madison, WI duo have an utterly magical sound that merges dark/light ambience & fascinating field recordings with much loved bedfellows such as ponderous piano & sublime strings. They manage to achieve that rarest of things – ambient music that is capable of being incredibly evocative, mysterious & is incredibly detailed! I’m especially loving this ghostly neo-classicism & organic sound-art rubbing shoulders with such brilliantly eerie experimentation. I’m a bit stuck for words with this release as these lonely, minimalist passages can suddenly burst into the most beautiful tranquil glades of sound – tendrils of sleepy violin mixing it with recordings of crickets & hollow, clunking percussion that makes me smile & think of Moondog. This is absolutely the best thing i’ve heard on RW ! since the Hare & the Moon CD aeons ago. I advise you to purchase without a flinch & drink this improvised beauty in slowly. This is is a remarkable, understated & thought-provoking work constructed from a dazzling array of instrumentation, yet never, ever feels cluttered!"
- Brian of Norman Records

"Rain Drinkers are Zavier Krall and Joseph Taylor. This is one of the finest releases I've heard on Reverb Worship. This mixes ambient drone, modern classical, field recordings and Balinese rituals in a highly atmospheric way. Dusty old piano meanders, mumbled ballads sung as if from a deep sleep, reedy flutes that awaken the ghost of Moondog. Fantastic."
- Boa Melody Bar

"Je désespérais un peu de ne pas entendre cette année un équivalent de ce que nous a donné généreusement Leyland Kirby l’an passé. C’est sans doute décembre qui veut cela, que ces disques sortent juste avant l’hiver, quand il est déjà là, par surprise, et qu’il s’offre aux plus impatients de sa venue et attentifs à ses beautés. Illustres inconnus comme le sont tous ces drones de musiciens qui œuvrent dans l’ambient et l’expérimentation sonore et joueuse, le paquet de cartes de Brian Eno à portée de mains à l’évidence, les deux responsables de cette merveille sont-ils les deux péquenots qui posent sur la photo de la pochette ? Cela n’a guère d’importance tant seule la musique et les paysages qu’elle décrit ou, seulement, suggère et fait sentir comptent ici, ne laissant aucune place à l’expression des personnalités, totalement déniées et effacées. L’écoute de ces longs morceaux venteux et frisquets, hantés de pianos qui se désagrègent en pluie de notes gelées, d’intempéries et du bruit lointain de la vie, repose de toute l’humanité envahissante et de ses nombrils. Ces buveurs d’eau de pluie, pourtant, réussissent à ne jamais déshumaniser leur musique, chargée et forte d’émotions propres à l’homme : étonnement, beauté et sérénité. Proche du sublime."
- Tatapoum


released October 10, 2010

Joe Taylor, Zavier Krall and The Creative Spirit

Album art and design by Dani Dahlke



all rights reserved


Rain Drinkers Madison, Wisconsin

Rain Drinkers music is made with a heady passion that keeps them moving forward, continuously expanding their pallet of sounds and stylistic touchstones. Yet, no matter how adventurous or exciting the musical terrain may be, the listener remains safely strapped in and always guided along by a familiar and benevolent presence. ... more

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